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November 24, 2023, marked the start of Glenn's 32nd year running the Hurley Country Store. He has seen two generations of customers coming through the doors. Children who used to ride their bikes to the store for candy or baseball cards now bring their children in. Those years have also formed many lasting friendships.

White Frangipani Flowers
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Historic Hurley

Established in 1662, historic Hurley was, in fact, for two months the capital of New York State. In 1777, after the British burned the city of Kingston, the government moved temporarily to Hurley while the buildings in Kingston were being reconstructed. The Old Guard House - known as The Spy House - was built before 1685 and is the oldest in Hurley. Designated a National Historic Landmark, it was here that a British spy was imprisoned in the cellar and later hanged on a nearby apple tree. One of the stone houses in Hurley is  credited with the honor of hosting George Washington in 1782. The entire area was designated a National Historic Landmark District in 1961. Nestled between historic old stone houses and a thriving corn-farming community, Hurley is a fitting location for a general store. It was a stop complete with a train depot on  the New York, Ontario and Western Railway. Its presence can still be felt along Depot Street. It is the perfect place for the Hudson Valley's mecca of model railroading supplies! 

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